Westons Cider are fully committed to continual improvement to enhance our environmental performance, through constant review, to provide an effectively controlled environmental management system and service. This Environmental Policy Statement is applicable to all areas of our business with the aim of reducing our adverse impacts on the environment and, where practical, to result in net positive benefits.  To achieve this aim, our Environmental Management System (EMS) is maintained in compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.:


  • Prevent pollution to air, land and water
  • Protect the environment in all aspects of our business, and in particular, significant aspects of our operations, to prevent any adverse environmental effects
  • Minimise waste at source through our procurement process, applying the waste hierarchy (reduce, re-use, recycle) wherever practical
  • Minimise the environmental impact, for the life cycle (including disposal) of all plant, equipment, and other physical assets under our control by working towards achieving a closed-loop circular economy production process.
  • Comply with environmental regulations, going beyond regulatory compliance where we can do this cost-effectively Comply with legislation regulations & relevant Codes of Practice, at all times (our compliance obligations)
  • Effectively apply our EMS to meet our target of a 46% reduction in our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030
  • Work closely with suppliers to increase the use of recycled plastic, and reduce our reliance on the use plastic
  • To proactively use climate initiatives and emerging technologies to enhance our sustainability
  • Work in close partnership and collaboration with our clients and suppliers to fully implement this policy


MONITORING OUR PROGRESS - Objectives, Targets and Management Programmes

Annual environmental objectives will be set and reviewed by management at the bi-annual Integrated Management System (IMS) meeting.

We will employ specialists (where necessary) to assist with environmental matters, such as ESOS and SECR.

We will ensure that we adhere to our Policy and Programmes, and address resulting actions identified through it.

We have included within our system measures to control abnormal and emergency situations.

It is our aim to also consult and communicate our Policy with our Client's and their representative's, our sub-contractors and our suppliers and all persons working for or on behalf of our Company, to promote environmental awareness, to gain their support to meet our objectives. All our employees have been briefed and are fully aware of our Environmental Policy.



We will consult with Local and National Government bodies, enforcing and regulatory authorities, and specialists to seek advice and assistance towards achievement of our Environmental Management Programme to its full potential.

We will, always, comply with regulations, legislation, codes of practice and other requirements associated with the Company and its' operations. Where no laws, regulations or codes of practice exist, we will develop our own standards to allow for the best practicable and financially viable environmental option, not entailing significant and detrimental costs to the Company, whilst considering public, local and interested parties opinions.


Director: -         H Thomas                                        DATE: -  25.09.2023


This Environmental Policy is displayed on our web site, at the reception office and within the employee handbook which is available to all personnel, including Visitors, contractors, and any interested parties.     

All employees are encouraged to read it and communicate any query to the Technical Manager.

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