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(Wheatland Regent)
Foaled: 2010

Reg is our main workhorse on the Shire team. He does everything from shows to weddings and is the star of the show on Shire Horse Experience days.

Reg pulls our vehicles and contributes to the management of his own paddocks by pulling the chain harrows.

Standing at 19hh, people are most often astounded by the sheer size of Reg’s feet! Despite his size, Reg is a big softie.

A big, bold horse with tremendous presence, and the heart of a teddy bear. Reg’s favourite thing in the world is food!


(Hollington Buscot)
Foaled: 2021


Buzz is our youngest team member and is learning all about growing up to be a working Shire horse.

He is still in training and is currently doing very well accompanying Reg at shows and appearances.

He can often be spotted in the field at Westons lying fast asleep in the sunshine!

He is very cheeky and friendly; his favourite thing is being groomed by his handlers and meeting Experience Day guests.

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Jed (Clovelly Jed)

Foaled: 2005


Jed joined us in 2023 from The National Brewery Centre. He is an experienced horse with a very impressive CV!

Jed has experience in everything from weddings to decorative harness classes at the National Shire Show.

He has an absolutely wonderful nature and loves attention from the public. Jed now works alongside Reg, which really makes for a beautiful sight!

Jed's favourite things are carrots and playing with people's zips!

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Experience Days

The Westons Shires team are pleased to offer the opportunity to spend a day with us and our horses. Enjoy getting up close and personal with our magnificent Shires and learn about the traditional practices of working heavy horses.

We also offer vouchers for experience days which make wonderful gifts for horse lovers... and cider enthusiasts!

For all enquiries about experience days, weddings, and any event bookings, please contact:

Contact us

For all enquiries and Gift Vouchers for experience days contact - 01531 660 108 or email: [email protected]   

The History of Shires at Westons Cider

Here at Westons, we are very proud of our traditions. When Henry Weston established Westons Cider in 1880, heavy horses played an enormous part in running the business. Without lorries and other modern-day machinery, the cider mill would have run on horsepower. From turning the stone mills, to harvesting the fruit, and delivering cider to the pubs and railways via horse-drawn dray.

We continue to keep Shire horses at what is now a modern-day factory, to remind us of our roots and the traditional practices that made Westons what it is today. Although our horses now aren’t involved with the cider making itself, they still play their part as beautiful ambassadors, and to remind us how grateful we are for the unparalleled loyalty and tireless efforts of the Shire horse.

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