Hereforshire is a great place for days out and there is so much more to do than visit our cider mill. We have listed some attractions close to Westons that you may find of interest.

Bridget Drakeford Porcelain

I was travelling through Mongolia on the trans-siberian railway with my husband. We stopped off at a Ger camp a few hours from Ulan Battar and were enchanted by the yurts in which we stayed and the amazing scenery all around us.

With the help of one of the guides I later purchased two yurts and had the shipped over from Mongolia together with the painted furniture which is used locally! The idea of offering one of the yurts for holidays always seemed a good idea although we can't quite match the Mongolian plains or the wild horses. Our smallholding, where I also run my long-established pottery business, can offer a relaxing holiday within reach of lots of great local attractions.

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