Farming life still plays a key role at Westons

Nuttal Farm

Since Henry's arrival, faming life and agriculture have always played a key role at Westons. However, in order to make way for the expanding cider business, the main farming activity has moved away from The Bounds to Nuttal Farm, situated a mile up the road from Westons. Comprising of approximately 400 acres, Nuttal Farm is both an arable and livestock farm, run by Farm Manager Tom Manns and his small and dedicated team.

Hereford Herd

A big part of Tom's job is to tend to our award-winning Hereford Cattle herd. They are one of the UK’s oldest native beef breeds originating from the county of Herefordshire since the mid 1700s. They are well known worldwide for their adaptability and thrive under almost any climate from the Arctic Circle to the blistering equatorial regions. However, their preferred location is Herefordshire so our herd are very happy. Afterall, home is where the heart is.

Introducing Albert

Here is Helen Thomas MD, Henry Weston, Richard Bowan and Tom Manns with Albert the polled Hereford Bull.  Albert is Westons Stock Bull, who weighs in at approximately 1,400 kilos, the same weight as 2,500 bottles of Henry Westons Vintage Cider!

Albert is very much the head of the herd despite having a very quiet and docile temperament. He is very well known in the show ring and was proudly acclaimed Bull of the Year in 2005. Since then one of Albert's offspring sold for £5000 and his more recent progeny are looking promising too. We at Westons Cider are extremely proud of our farming roots and feel Albert exemplifies our Hereford Herd perfectly.

For further information regarding our Hereford Cattle or any of our other animals please contact Tom Manns on 01531 660233 or email