Our Henry Westons range is made using Herefordshire's finest apples

Much like all our other ciders, Henry Westons is faithful to the art of cider making established by Henry Weston himself here at Westons Cider Mill back in 1880. Traditional and steeped in heritage, this cider is a firm favourite amongst the current day Westons family, so much so they proudly place the name and portrait of Henry Westons on every bottle.

The Range

Henry Westons Vintage 8.2% ABV

Made using only the very best Herefordshire cider apples from a single year's harvest. Traditionally crafted and slowly aged in 200 year old oak vats to deliver a full-bodied cider with a long lingering finish.

Availabile in: 500ml Bottles

Henry Westons Medium Sweet 4.5% ABV

Its light body and fruity sweetness makes this sparkling cider easy to drink on its own or enjoyed with creamy food dishes such as a hearty chicken korma.

Availabile in: 500ml Bottles

Henry Westons Medium Dry 6.5% ABV

This medium-dry sparkling cider has a good balance of acidity, sweetness and fruit flavours making it ideally suited for many occasions. Enjoy chilled to fully appreciate the refreshing complexity of flavours.

Availabile in: 500ml Bottles

Henry Westons Vintage Perry 7.4% ABV

This wonderful sparkling perry is made using perry pears grown solely in Herefordshire. Sparkling, light-bodied with subtle fruit and fresh acidity makes this perry very similar to wine. With its fresh acidity, Henry Westons Vintage Perry is best enjoyed with delicately flavoured foods such as sea bass.

Availabile in: 500ml Bottles