• He's a winner

    Congratulations Philip Higginson of Devon. He has won the case of Cider Maker's Choice for September 2014 having entered the Visitor Centre competition when he came for a Tour at Westons.

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  • Mortimer's Orchard website

    Mortimer's Orchard website

    Click here to be transported to the orchards of Herefordshire and follow the journey of Mortimer's Orchard- from apple to glass. www.mortimersorchard.co.uk

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  • Our Stowford Press Trailer!

    Our Stowford Press Trailer!

    Here's the fantastic Stowford Press trailer that spent Summer 2013 touring the cricket grounds of the UK! Keeping the thirst quenched of thousands of cricket fans during what was a brilliant Ashes test and a rather hot summer! For more information cl...

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  • Re-Introducing GL

    Re-Introducing GL

    We're excited to announce the launch of GL Cider in 2 litre plastic bottles exclusively for convenience stores. The launch follows the successful return of GL, or Gold Label Cider, into pubs across the Three Counties last year. Medium sweet, and deep...

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  • Everything Ashes!

    Everything Ashes!

    Crazy about cricket? Make sure you check out our brand new Ashes page! It will give you a behind the scenes view of what Stowford Press is getting up to during the Ashes series!

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  • Wyld Wood's new look!

    Wyld Wood's new look!

    We are proud to reveal our new look for our organic cider, Wyld Wood. With more colour, personality and clarity we really hope you like the new look as much as we do! When we were repackaging, we noticed we had 3 different ABVs across the Wyld Wood r...

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